"Synergy" is Published!

It's been a fairly slow year in 2015, at least when it comes to my writing efforts.  I am pleased, however, to announce that my second novel of 2015, "Synergy" has been released today in electronic form on Amazon.  The paperback version should be available on Amazon by then end of the week.  If you want to order it immediately, you can find it on CreateSpace by following this link.  The book is also available on Smashwords for whatever eReader you may have (iPad, Sony, B&N, etc.).  It should be available through the other online retailers over the next couple of weeks.

Here's a summary of the story, which is primarily set in Brazil and involves an M&A executive and her struggle to understand how she is being framed for a crime she did not commit...

Vice President of Corporate Development with Detroit's Andax Corporation, Joan Priest, is trusted by management to negotiate and close delicate deals that add significant growth and profits to the company.

But Joan has a secret -- one that she fears will be revealed, turning her life upside down.

Andax is in the midst of a succession race, one where the CEO and Chairman, Oskar Christoffersen has named two "Co-CEOs," one of which will ultimately succeed Christoffersen when he retires.

While Joan is in Brazil working on the acquisition of Ido, a wind turbine blade manufacturer, things go from bad to worse. Her boss' body is discovered in a remote location -- the victim of an apparent suicide. There's a suicide note, and Priest learns her name is prominently featured.

If she returns to the United States, she'll likely be arrested. And while she had nothing to do with the death or any crime associated with it, she knows her secret will come out -- an outcome that will end life as she knows it.

So Joan Priest, alone and virtually without resources in Brazil, decides to run.