End of the Slow Summer

I haven't had much to note on this journal in recent weeks simply because not much was getting done.

Ever since the adoption of our youngest, my writing productivity has fallen off markedly.  That's because a five-year-old (now six) that is new to the family and just learning English requires a pretty high degree of supervision.  In fact, between keeping an eye on him and taking care of his needs, I was substantially distracted.

School changes all that, and just a couple of weeks ago, he began first grade (he was attending half-day Kindergarten during the spring).  As a result, I've been able to pick up the pace.  I finished the first draft of Change Agent early last week -- a novel I've been working on since April, possibly the slowest to write first draft I've ever had -- and am now deeply in the process of making proofreading correction to Synergy, the first book in the Joan Priest Series.  I should definitely have Synergy out by the end of October, and possibly quite a bit sooner.

That still leaves me one book behind where I wanted to be by the end of the year, but there is a remote possibility of finishing up something prior to then....