Spears Corporate Thrillers

Spears Corporate Thrillers

LEVERAGE is a novel featuring everyday hero Mark Carson, a manager of project management at Global Guidance Corporation, and an enthusiastic recreational runner.  Mark is in for the run of his lifetime when he begins asking too many questions about the murder of one of his co-workers.


Carson almost lost his job and his emotional stability when he caught his wife cheating on him.  It's been a long road to recovery, and he's finally on top of his game again.

The last thing he needed was Max Wong showing up on his front porch shot and bleeding out.

Follow Mark as he probes the reasons behind Wong's shooting.

And just hope he can outrun the bad guys.

LEVERAGE is now available for purchase!

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Here is what readers say about LEVERAGE

 "A fast-paced adventure with surprising plot twists -- I give it a ten."

"The protagonist (Carson) is just the kind of person we all imagine ourselves to be -- ordinary, but with a spark of courage, and just headstrong enough to get himself into trouble."

"Spears' corporate experience is evident in his descriptions of the goings on at Global Guidance Corporation.  The people, meetings, and even the political plots.  Classic."

"Loved the suspense, especially the part where they are standing in the shower hiding behind the curtain as the bad guys destroy the room.  I won't spoil it for the readers, but the entire thing had me on the edge of my seat."

"Hated the chapter with the torture, but I'm sure I'm in the minority on that--I won't go to movies with torture scenes in them either.  Brrrr, really awful.  I had to convince myself last night when I went to bed that I WASN'T GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES about it!  But the story was really great--nice plot twists and interesting characters, and I especially liked the cliff hanger ending."

"I finished Leverage and enjoyed it so much! It is well paced and interesting. I like to read novels of that genre and Leverage is as good as any I have read.  The plot was complex enough to accommodate a couple of interesting twists yet presented in such a way that character introductions and development were easily followed.  Whatever, I look forward to it. I want to read your other books when they release."

(Note, a few items omitted to prevent spoiling the plot!).

"I enjoyed the Chanhassen and St. Louis locations mentioned in the book as it reminded me of the many trips to Chanhassen.  I enjoy reading and was very happy when my wife purchased me a Kindle in February of this year. Since then I have read numerous books including many books from popular authors including, John Grisham, Dan Koontz and James Paterson.  I really didn’t know what to expect with “Leverage” especially since it was your first book and that you had come out of the corporate world with many high level positions.  Leverage was a real stunner, a book I couldn’t really put down. It had the intensity and suspense of anything I have read of Koontz or Paterson! Your attention to detail in many of the scenes was meticulous and provided very clear imagery as I went through the story line.  I clearly missed (a couple of key surprises, omitted for the benefit of those who haven't read the novel). I can only imagine the time it took for you to get the story line right from start to finish. To me, Leverage is the ultimate story of corporate espionage with the total loss of trust at all levels.  In marketing this book going forward, whether it is Amazon, or the New York Times bestseller list, Leverage has the potential to really launch your career as a serious suspense writer and in a venue which has become far more visible to Americans. Whether it is Enron, or the collapse of the banking system, to the unraveling of the US housing market, you can never be sure what secrets and skullduggery took place behind the scenes. I would not be bashful about promoting this book as a “blockbuster”, a must read. Congratulations on your first and highly entertaining book. Can’t wait to see your next project in the near future."

"I finished Leverage last evening, and found it difficult to put down once I began. It had a great pace and enough twists to keep me guessing. The mobile version worked flawlessly on my Kindle. Congratulations on completing your first novel and good luck on the next ones!"

"Truly enjoyed reading Leverage! Started with excitement and continued to build throughout. Found myself buried in the story...hard to put down until completed."

"I’m impressed with your first novel and I hear the second one,  Incentivize, just came out and I intend to order a copy. I found the plot and the style of Leverage excellent and the book is difficult to put down; the general atmosphere and politics are also sometimes disturbingly familiar."

"I just finished LEVERAGE about a week ago. It was a great book! I have read and enjoyed all of John Sandford's "Prey" books, and I enjoyed your book just as much. I am really impressed by your writing skills and admire you for taking the risk to do something like this. Best wishes and I look forward to INCENTIVIZE!"

"This is one of those books that once you get started, it really is hard to put down. The setting for the story was so real, you could tell that the author had spent a fair amount of time in corporate America. There are strong elements of suspense and interesting plot twists. It really gets you to thinking about where your loyalties lie when it comes to a job, and who has really got your back. A surprise ending, definitely."

"I read a lot of books but don't find myself getting pulled into a story like I did with Leverage. What I thought was going to be a typical corporate thriller soon turned into a fast-paced story that kept me guessing throughout. The characters were well done and believable to the point that I questioned how I would have reacted in a similar situation. Leverage is one of those rare books that you simply can't stop reading until you get to the end and are left thinking about long after you have finished."

"Leverage is a quick-moving adventure that drew me in and didn't let go until the end. The story follows a likeable "everyman" named Mark Carson who is pulled into a world over his head. The book made me wonder throughout: How would I react in the same situation? Who can Mark trust? What will he do next? How will he overcome the next hurdle? The plot was compelling and original. I would recommend "Leverage" for a good read, but make sure you leave enough time to finish it in one sitting - because you won't want to put it down."

"Tom Spears is a unique author who provides us with a high intensity thriller within a corporate environment at an excitement level of a Dan Koontz or James Paterson.  I read this book in two days and wanted more. There is no doubt that you are with the characters throughout the story. A must read!"

"Tom Spears' "Leverage" is a corporate thriller with many twists and turns that will keep you guessing throughout the book. Personally I found a connection with the story's lead character Mark Carson, who's an avid runner too. Mark realizes he has to make some significant choices in his life and career. I often found myself asking myself "how I would have reacted in his situation?" You'll find it very hard to put this book down."

"It has been quite a while since I read a novel of this sort. Leverage reignited an interest in fiction that had been gone for quite a while. I'm grateful to the author for providing such a compelling story and I'm looking forward to reading more from him."

"Quickly hooking me, Tom Spears ships a story with intrigue set in a corporate culture only one bathed in it could deliver. I enjoyed the book! Some of Tom Clancy and part of John Grishman might be compared to this book as far as genre. But, this is my first time reading a thriller in this corporate context and that made the story backdrop quite interesting. It is a context more people live in than the spies and lawyers we often read about. The characters and their corporate political gaming reflected a commentary on human ambition and it pulled me into the narrative. Does this really go on? The character Mark Carson takes us on his journey and the result is a good ride."

"Tom Spear's Leverage is a corporate thriller with a double twist love story imbedded in the plot. The well developed characters draw you into their lives swirling with corporate politics and mistrust. The main character, Mark Carson, baffled when a work acquaintance chooses to die in his arms, decides to become and stay involved through danger, through love, through torture, and through deceit attempting to solve the riddle. Tom has concocted and written a tale that jerks at your emotions of fear and self doubt to tell a story about perseverance commitment."

"Tom has skillfully succeeded in creating a corporate thriller with intertwined plot. The story is engaging, and pulled me along till the end. Leverage is a must read."

"A great read. Leverage accomplishes the rare combination of a thriller with the feel of the real world. Can't wait to see more novel's from Tom Spear."

"I am a big fan of John Sandford and have read all of his "Prey" novels. I found "Leverage" by Tom Spears to be a true thriller on the same level as Sandford. Leverage engages you from the very beginning and sets a steady pace that keeps your attention throughout. Tom does a good job of developing the characters and the plot keeps you guessing. Once you start reading you won't want to put it down."

"Leverage was a one sit read for me. Luckily a long layover at the Houston airport gave me that opportunity. There is only one question I would ask- Who would play Mark Carson and Cathy Chin? This is made for the movies. Quite the action suspense thriller- If you enjoyed this-try Spear's next novel -Incentivze-"

"Who says corporate life is boring and dull. Things get crazy in Leverage. Great twists and turns. Exotic setting. Recommended reading!"

"Tom Spears has transitioned from corporate executive to corporate thriller author. Leverage is a fast paced, surprise at every turn mystery. Tom's intimate knowledge of the corporate process combined with a gift for intrigue creates a great read for those that have had to deal with corporate bureacracy and not so honest bosses. I highly recommend this book to anyone climbing the corporate ladder."

"Good development of the main character who comes across as real as someone you may know. Lots of twists and turns that keeps the story moving with unexpected scenarios."

"This was a pleasant surprise to find a new author who ranks with some of my favorites; Lee Child, Catherine Coulter, and Craig Johnson. I could quickly relate the characters to people I have met in the corporate world."

"With a hint of Grisham, but a style all its own, this story of corporate intrigue & murder had me through to the last page. It had good character development, unpredictable plot twists, just enough action and a good pace. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more work from Tom Spears."

"An intriguing tale of corporate espionage set in entirely believable settings. Spears also offers insights into the inner workings of corporations, and the forces at work in a highly competitive marketplace. I am looking forward to reading subsequent offerings from this talented author."

"If you like mystery and drama you will enjoy Leverage. It has a plot that is complicated enough to hold your interest yet is easy to follow. The characters are well developed and then the surprises and twists really meld them together. Read it and enjoy!"

"Leverage is an exciting novel with an effective blend of action and suspense. From the first page, I was immediately drawn into the world that Spears created. I found myself identifying with the protagonist, Mark Carson, and wondering what would happen to him next. Spears takes you into the corporate world with a realism that gives this novel credibility. If you want to read a story with compelling characters and unpredictable plot twists interwoven in the intriguing backdrop of the workplace, then check out Leverage."

"I found myself forcing my eyes to read faster during the bathroom scene. Spears not only delivers suspense, but manages to create an intriguing tension between the story's two protagonists."

"A fast-paced thriller mixed with corporate greed, murder, and a surprise ending that will leave you wanting more. Can't wait to read the next novel!"

"Leverage is an extremely entertaining and insightful novel. The author does an extraordinary job of developing the characters and the plot contains just enough twists to keep you guessing throughout the story. Once I started reading I was unable to put the book down! I look forward to reading future works by Spears."

"I loved this corporate thriller from Tom Spears. I could not put it down; once I started I had to keep reading to see how it would turn out! Tom gives great insight into the business world, his characters are not action heroes but just average business people getting caught up in circumstances beyond their control. A great read for anyone working in the corporate world. Can't wait to get his next book!"

"Just wanted you to know I just finished. reading Leverage and was a very good read with surprise and suspense. You really threw me for a Loop at the End. Congrats on keeping me turning the pages as I could not put it down."

"On a lazy Saturday afternoon, sitting out on the deck, I decided to read Leverage written by Tom Spears. I was immediately pulled into the corporate murder/ thriller for the rest of the afternoon and finished it in one sitting. For a first book Mr. Spears definitely got my attention. Can't wait to read his next novel..."

"I enjoyed Leverage, my most recent read on my Kindle, very much.  One is absorbed into the story right from the start and kept my attention Right to the end of the book.  A read I will recommend."

"I'm not much of a reader for fun, but this book got me hooked and never let go. I really enjoyed it."

"Fast Delivery and arrived in very good condition. Will buy from them again if they have something that I need."