Navigating Corporate Politics

Corporate Politics.  Every large organization is rife with them.

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Most employees find politics to be confusing, irritating, unfair, and something to be avoided at all costs.  Many years in senior positions inside a variety of large corporations forced me to realize ignoring an organization's politics was essentially impossible.

 Ignoring politics makes you vulnerable.  Ignoring politics can cost you your job.  And don't even think about ascending the corporate ladder, where you'll be easily victimized by the expert politicians who lurk there.

Navigating Corporate Politics is written for those new to large corporations, those confused by the workings of politics within their organization, or those with an emerging interest in politics who want to learn more.  It will explain how politics evolves in organizations, how to estimate the level of politics in your company, and the options you have for dealing with your employer's corporate politics.

Inside this book you will find a framework that will allow you to place politics in the proper context with the other organization structures of the corporation.  You will also find a way of classifying the level of political activism of your work associates, so you'll better know who to watch out for and who should be recruited as an ally.  The book also details twenty of the most commonly used tactics employed by corporate politicians, giving you the information you need to employ the tactics as well as how to guard against them.

Once you've finished, you'll be fully equipped to understand your organization's political minefield, and will have the beginnings of the skills needed to become a master politician yourself.


NCP for the Kindle -- click here: NAVIGATING CORPORATE POLITICS for Kindle

NCP in Paperback -- click here: NAVIGATING CORPORATE POLITICS in Paperback

Here are comments from readers of NAVIGATING CORPORATE POLITICS: 

"I just put down this guide on navigating corporate politics written by Tom Spears, and this is the kind of insight every new hire, or individual going into the workplace should be armed with, especially identifying the individuals to defend yourself from. Great insight on corporate maneuvers, politics, and from an excellent credible resource."

"I've always hated corporate politics, refused to play them, and considered myself unlucky as I've run into politicians in the corporate world. "Navigating Corporate Politics" has given me a new perspective, suggesting that corporate politics is a necessary reality, so my sticking my head in the sand out of distaste is a losing strategy. The author outlines some strategies for dealing with that reality without compromising myself, as well as reviewing the tactics used by big time power players to help me recognize and counter them. I found it a quick and insightful read, and I think it will help me as I go forward in my career."

"Not as brilliant as it was described...very normal things being mentioned which anyone after 7-10 yrs experience in big companies would see" -- Author note:  "Yikes!"