Supply Chain -- JC Martin, recently retired from the Navy, has taken a job with a socially responsible fashion company named Dam Yankee.  His position with the firm, as the company's supplier auditor, is considered critical to the business as the firm's reputation revolves around doing good works in the poorest nations of the world.

Martin's first field assignment is to travel to Honduras and audit a firm there known as Moda Cortez, a shirt manufacturer.  A successful audit is critical to Martin's boss, the ambitious Emma Maddox, as she is relying on company's entire fall line being placed with Moda Cortez.

When Martin arrives in Honduras, he immediately realizes there are problems with the supplier, evidence that Moda Cortez and their boss Juan Alonzo, are engaged in using child labor to produce their products.

Against orders from Maddox, Martin digs into the employment circumstances at Moda Cortez, discovering that Alonzo and his boss, Italo Cortez, have their fingers in a human trafficking Supply Chain that starts in Honduras and leads North.

This novel reintroduces the character of JC "Disco" Martin, who made his first appearance in the novel INCENTIVIZE.

SUPPLY CHAIN was released for Publication on August 1, 2017!

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Original Project Timetable

Proposal Completed July 30, 2012

First Draft Completed February 8, 2014

Second Draft Completed August 25, 2014

Third Draft Completed February 25, 2015

Editing Complete April 8, 2016

Proofreading Complete June 13, 2017

Published August 1, 2017