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LEVERAGE:  Horrified by the brutal murder of a co-worker, Mark Carson looks for a link to their employer, Global Guidance Corporation.  The trail leads to a scheme to steal sensitive military technology, and a subsequent attempt to cover up the theft.  Will Mark figure out who's really behind the scheme before he is permanently silenced?  Set in Minneapolis.

INCENTIVIZE:  Julia McCoy is just trying to do her job as an auditor when she visits the Ethiopian copper mine belonging to Matrix Corporation.  But she manages to scare the site General Manager, who arranges for her abduction.  Randy Esteban, a Matrix contract attorney, leads the investigation into McCoy's disappearance, and what he discovers makes him a target as well.  Set in Ethiopia.

DELIVERABLES:  ESS has a world-changing battery technology -- Quantum -- they plan to license to German conglomerate Hoeffner International.  Roger Follansbee, the ESS IT manager, is gleeful over the pending incentive payout that will come along with the contract.  All that is turned upside down when Geoff Sommers of the CIA asks for Roger's help evaluating national security risks associated with Quantum.  Roger finds himself embroiled in a world of deception, greed and violence.  Set in Denver.

HEIR APPARENT:  A killer is lurking in Kansas City, targeting the CEOs of local companies.  George Crawford, CEO of Sangreen Industries, hires Joel Smith, formerly of the CIA, to help him find the killer.  Smith teams with KCPD Detective Evangelina "Van" Sikes, and the pair investigate the disfunctional organizations run by the victims, hoping to narrow a confusing array of suspects down before the killer strikes again.

PURSUING OTHER OPPORTUNITIES:  Redhouse Consulting CEO Elwood Vilmont drags his band of misfit executives on a corporate retreat in the wilds of British Columbia.  An overnight rafting excursion through the famous "White Mile" goes horribly wrong as Vilmont is abducted from the camp.  Matt Lively (alias Mark Carson from LEVERAGE) plunges into the forest in a rash attempt to save Vilmont.  Meanwhile Sandy Lively (alias Cathy Chin from LEVERAGE) nervously sweats out police interrogations as she agonizes over Matt's disappearance and worries she is about to be discovered, arrested, and extradited.

EMPOWERED:  The story of newly hired division president Colin Jensen, and his investigation into unexplained performance problems in the shipping department of the TruePhase Chemicals division.  The story is set in Indianapolis during a blizzard, and takes its inspiration from the television series Undercover Boss.  As always, there are a few plot twists that I hope will surprise and entertain the reader.

SYNERGY:  Having a mentor is great -- until you lose him.  Just ask Joan Priest, a deal-making maven working for stodgy Andax Corporation.  Without her mentor's protection, Priest quickly goes from a hi-pot Corporate VP to alone on the streets of Sao Paulo with the police in hot pursuit.  Clearly someone at Corporate headquarters believes she's done something... but exactly what proves to be hard to learn in remote Brazil, and even harder to counter.  Priest fights to discover what really happened back in Detroit while also trying to elude those who appear to wish her ill.

SUPPLY CHAIN:  Retired Naval officer, JC Martin, has taken a job with a socially responsible fashion company, Dam Yankee. Martin's first field assignment is in Honduras, auditing Moda Cortez, a shirt manufacturer. When Martin arrives, he realizes Moda Cortez is using child labor to make its products. Against orders, Martin digs in and discovers a Human Supply Chain stretching from Honduras North to the US.

NAVIGATING CORPORATE POLITICS:  Do your employer's corporate politics leave you baffled?  Or are you new to the large corporate environment, and need help figuring out what you should and should do as you climb the corporate ladder?  NCP was written to help the uninitiated better understand why politics are a necessary part of large corporations, and how you can play without being burned or violating your own morals.

BAD BOSS, GREAT BOSS:  The first half of this book attempts to make sense of a plethora of problematic supervisors.  Learn about the ten types of extreme bosses that ultimately fail in their jobs, and the keys to identifying such dysfunctional leaders and tips for surviving in their organizations. In the second half this book explores what it takes for a supervisor to go from being “good” to truly "great.”


Cover Art:

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Cover for INCENTIVIZE by Graphicz X Designs.

Cover for DELIVERABLES by Tod Foley.


Paperback copies are normally priced at $16.99 - $14.99 (Navigating Corporate Politics at $12.99), Electronic copies are normally priced at $9.90

Spears Corporate Thrillers

Spears Corporate Thrillers