Most people realize they should avoid that bad boss everyone is talking about, but fewer realize the ones people aren’t discussing could be worse.  Bad bosses seem to be hidden around every corner and stashed in every niche.  And they seem to come in more varieties than Baskin-Robbins ice cream.

Bad Boss, Great Boss tries to make sense of a plethora of problematic supervisors -- from the Gentleman to the Screamer and everywhere in between.  Inside this book's pages you’ll learn about the ten types of extreme bosses that ultimately fail in their jobs.  You'll also learn the keys to identifying such dysfunctional leaders and tips for surviving in their organizations.

But Bad Boss, Great Boss doesn't stop there.  In the second half of the book, you will explore what it takes for a supervisor to go from being “good” to truly "great.”  Modeled from my best supervisor's skills and behaviors, during this portion of the book the reader will learn what it takes to be a great boss.  By the time the book is finished, you should have an appreciation of why a "great" boss is such a rarity.

Whether you’re an employee searching for that once in a career "great boss," a victim trying to decide if it is worth it to hang in there with a "bad boss," or a leader hoping to improve your people management skills, Bad Boss, Great Boss can help.


BAD BOSS, GREAT BOSS was released for sale March 18, 2016

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Original Project Timeline:

The original material came from blog posts on this site from 2010 to 2015.

First Draft Completed July 9, 2015

Second Draft Completed October 11, 2015

Published March 18, 2016