A Good Week to Write!

Despite this week being one of disruption (my announced departure from my part time job at TEK Services, cleaning out my office, etc.), I actually managed to get more written on my books than has been typical for months.  At least a portion of this is the result of the reduction of time spent at work -- although admittedly a good portion of that time was normally spent on hobby activities rather than being involved in hard labor -- but perhaps a bigger portion is the suspension of my Corporate Politics blog.

As it turns out, writing that blog had become quite a time consumer, and because I was penning the posts on a schedule, it always came first.  Before anything written on novels or other books.

I might have gotten those priorities a bit backwards.

So given the changes I'm implementing, I look forward to the weeks ahead with the expectation of much greater novel-writing output.

Now if I'm just lucky enough to recover the data on my hard drive....