And a Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven

A classic song by the Byrds, the lyrics of which act as the announcement of a major change in my life.

Effective June 30, 2015, I will be ending my role as an investor and partner in TEK Services.

I've been an investor and advisor to this small company since 2011, and the experience has been both rewarding and eye-opening.  I've had a chance to see what a small business looks like from the inside, exploring some of the challenges and limitations that make growing a small manufacturing company so difficult in today's world.

Now, however, it is time to move on.

Since the business was acquired, my friend and partner in the business, Bill Loughman, and I have had an agreement that allows him to gradually buy out my ownership interests.  At the end of this month we take the final step.

The timing is perfect, from my perspective.  I've provided everything useful that I have the capacity to provide to TEK.  I retire with nothing left in my "bag of tricks" that I can contribute to the business.

This change will give me additional time to devote to writing, an activity for which I have an enduring passion.  I've been producing approximately two novels per year over the last couple of  years, and expect to be able to ratchet that up a bit with the added time.

And in an effort to create even more time for novel production, I've also decided to stop contributing to my Corporate Politics Blog.  In the last six months, coming up with new material that didn't cover ground I'd already plowed had become a bit of a chore.  I was burning several hours a week on these posts -- time that can better be put to use developing fiction.

So its another step back from business, and another step forward into writing, a change I hope will prove to be both exciting and satisfying.

Wish me luck!