Finally, some good news

Got a call from the data recovery service about my damaged hard drive, and they were happy to tell me they recovered almost everything on it.  They also confirmed that the "mission critical" items -- which would include all my writing work as well as my current year tax return -- had been verified!  Only ten days or so and the contents can be picked up at Best Buy.

Several people have asked me the overall price tag for data recovery.  Once it is all said and done, I expect the cost to be approximately $550.  Yeah, that's a lot but for me it was worth it.  Makes a $50 back up drive sound pretty cheap though, doesn't it?.

In other news, I'll be wrapping up my first draft of "Bad Boss - Great Boss" while I'm vacationing next week.  I was surprised that pulling this book together took as much effort as it did.  This was undoubtedly due to the fact that I followed no standard guideline when I wrote the individual chapters.  I suppose that's a lesson for the future.

I'll be diving back into the first draft of Change Agent once the hard drive contents are in my hands -- looking forward to getting the rest of the latest Joel Smith novel down on paper.

Have a great 4th holiday!