Big news on the business front

While this announcement isn't about writing, it will (and already has) impact my writing work over the next few months....

Incentivize, Inc, a manufacturing company I'm a part owner of in Fremont, Nebraska, purchased the assets of Selkey Manufacturing Company today.  The new business will be named Selkey Fabricators, and will essentially continue on with the same lines of business as it's predecessor.

There, that sounds very "press releasee."

It may be dry, but it is exactly what happened.  Incentivize bought majority ownership in a small metal fabrication business in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  The company's main capabilities are cutting, forming, machining, and welding of steel.  The business is small -- only about 20 employees -- but it has a nice reputation for quality.  And although things have run down a bit over the last few years, I'm confident it will be a long term success and a nice compliment to the electrical and mechanical assembly capabilities at Incentivize.

So what does that have to do with writing?  Only that I'll have a bit less time for writing over the next few months as I spend time trying to get my arms around this new company.