And so it goes....

In the wake of a major acquisition, I've found that required effort level shoots through the 100% level, and then slowly drops down to "normal" levels -- often over a period of weeks, if not months.

I'm living in the peak, right now.

This time, however, I'm not in the thick of the fray -- although it was my intent to be there.  Mother nature and United Airlines, it would seem, had other plans for me.  So my contribution to the integration of the acquired company has thus far been limited to the building of a massive inventory spreadsheet to computerize the hand-written ones supplied by the seller.  Now that the spreadsheet is essentially "done,", I'm trying to figure out the values of what we've bought.  At just over 800 line items, it's a big task, but hardly monumental.

Time spent in airports, on spreadsheets, and time spent generally worrying various tasks and potential problems into submission (not really into submission, but I still worry) has made writing progress minimal, at best.

I just hope I can remember what I was trying to accomplish with the draft of "Outsourced" when I'm finally able to get back to it.