Book Concept Sans Title

While I love writing fiction, my best selling and most profitable book is definitely my non-fiction book NAVIGATING CORPORATE POLITICS.  NCP is a short book that presents a conceptual framework for Corporate Politics and how it works and then goes on to discuss a series of political tactics ranging from basically benign to really nasty.

It was also the easiest book to write in my portfolio.

The basic concepts come directly from a white paper I wrote back in 2009, which was intended to help establish my credentials as an expert on the corporate political environment (as a backdrop for my novels), and to drive some traffic to my website.  The rest comes from a series of blog posts I wrote describing the individual tactics and how to employ them.  While there was plenty of editing required to pull the project together, it took only a fraction of the effort required to create a novel.

Based on the Corporate Politics Blog I write, and what is popular (and isn't), I've got an idea for a new non-fiction work.  That blog has several series in it, two of whom are quite popular -- "Employee Behaviors that drive their Managers Crazy" and "Extreme Leadership Styles that Fail."  Both of these deal with commonly observed workplace behaviors, and how to avoid/deal with them.

I'm thinking of combining the two and turning them into a small non-fiction book, one that would provide advice to both bosses and their subordinates about how to stay out of trouble with one another.

I need a title, however.

Anyone with any ideas?