After a Long Delay, SUPPLY CHAIN is Published!

I was rocked back on my heels late last summer by two difficult medical diagnoses.  The first was my wife, Paula, who was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer and immediately began Chemotherapy.  The second was my youngest child, who at the tender age of 7, developed Type 1 diabetes.  Suddenly I found myself the primary caregiver to both spouse and 4 youngsters.

Writing, for a time, had to take a back seat.

A year later, my wife is doing well with her cancer in remission.  We are accustomed to managing the needs of a youthful diabetic.  And now, at long last, I can carve off a little time to work on my writing...

Except other things have happened.

My proofreader has faced a family health crisis of his own.

My editor has moved on to other pursuits.

My cover artist passed away.

I've forgotten a lot of the technical aspects of editing for publication, making the process slow, slow, slow.

So I'm back, but only in a limited way.  It will take time to get back into my projects again, particularly as most of them were dropped mid-development.

One step at a time.

Beginning with this one -- Today I published the work that was nearly finished when the crisis hit, SUPPLY CHAIN.  By the end of the week, it should be available from all the usual locations