Inserting a FREE Offer

I'm making progress on my latest promotional idea.  The concept, in summary, is to insert an invitation into all of my books (paper and electronic) that directs a reader to my website.  There, the reader can register their email address and by doing so they will get a free download of LESSONS LEARNED THE HARD WAY by John Samuels (normally priced at $9.99).

In the last week....

...I set up a page on my site with the registration form.

...I developed the offer language and inserted it into EMPOWERED.

...I submitted EMPOWERED to Smashwords (which is my distributor for all ebook channels EXCEPT Amazon).  I'm waiting for them to approve the book and then distribute to the universe.

Still to go...

...Add the offer language to the Amazon and Paperback versions of EMPOWERED.

...Add the offer language to all my other books (six books, three versions each, for a total of 18 version revisions).  While I'm doing this, of course I'll want to input any corrections that have piled up.  This is a BIG job, and one I'm not looking forward to.

...Promote the FREE offer on my website.

...Promote the FREE offer on social media.

Yes, all this sounds like a pain, but I've simply got to find something that helps me gather names and email addresses of fans and other readers.  I'd love to hear any other ideas people have.