Registering Readers

I'm going to try something new with the publication of SYNERGY -- providing a free eBook offer for buyers of my novels.

Here is the idea:  Future (and eventually those already published) books will contain a web reference to a page here on my website.  When a reader clicks or enters the URL for that website, they will see a registration page, where they can provide their webpage and email.  In exchange, I'll give them a coupon for a free copy of LESSONS LEARNED THE HARD WAY by John Samuels from Smashwords (that way they can download the format of their choice).

Over time I hope to build this list of readers into a group I can email with things like notices of future book releases and other information they might find interesting.  I'm also considering sending them my twice weekly blog posts.

This was something I probably should have done a couple of years ago, but I suppose its better late than never.