Finally, an Index!

Many of you know that this Writing Journal is not the only place I blog.  Twice a week (on most weeks) I write a post for "Corporate Politics -- the blog."  This series of articles is derived from my years of experience in senior management, and topics range from hiring, to corporate crime, to lawsuits, to political tactics.

The first posts were initially made on my personal blog back in March of 2010, and later transferred to this site once I had it up and running.  Since that time, I've added almost 250 posts to the series (you'd think I'd run out of things to say, but there's still a little gas in the tank).

A few months ago, a friend pointed out to me that finding material was practically impossible in "Corporate Politics -- the blog" for a couple of reasons.  First, because I've been devoted to clever turn-of-phrase type titles which often don't completely describe the subject matter.

And because there was no easy way to navigate the site.

Other than the last seven posts (which quite some time ago I started listing in each new piece) you were pretty much on your own trying to find anything.  A few weeks ago I added a search box to new posts to help readers find subject matter, but realistically, the blog was still very difficult to navigate.

Until now.

I spent the entire day Monday creating an Index for every post in the series.  The Index gives the article name, the date it was first published, and a short description of the subject.  It certainly seems like there should be a function that puts this together automatically, but alas, there is none that works with the template I use on this site (Drat).

Now you can scan the Index  for titles, dates, or subject matter.  It should make finding material a lot easier.

Click here and give it a look!