Pursuing Other Opportunities is available!

Big news today!  As of late last night, PURSUING OTHER OPPORTUNITIES is available for sale on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback) and CreateSpace (Paperback).

PURSUING is my fifth novel, and the sequel to my first, LEVERAGE.

This story is set in the wilds of British Columbia, and involves a kidnapping that occurs during a corporate retreat.  For those folks that have been on corporate retreats or wondered about them... this isn't your mother's retreat.  Nor are the executives of Redhouse Consulting your typical executives, although they are all exaggerations of real people I've known and worked with over the years.

LEVERAGE has been my most popular novel to date, and I'm confident that PURSUING OTHER OPPORTUNITIES will be entertaining to its fans.  The book can easily be read before LEVERAGE, and doesn't contain too many spoilers.

A third novel in the series -- OUTSOURCED -- is currently in development.