Pursuing Other Opportunities

After several months of delay, I will shortly be publishing my latest Novel, PURSUING OTHER OPPORTUNITIES.  The book, the first of two sequels to my popular first novel LEVERAGE, should appeal to a broad range of readers.  The second sequel, titled OUTSOURCED, is currently in the first draft process.  The story for PURSUING OTHER OPPORTUNITIES is set in British Columbia at the site of one of those high-end corporate retreat destinations, and features several memorable (although uniformly unlovable) typical corporate ladder-climbers.  As it typical with my novels, there will be a few unexpected twists and turns.

My proofreader should be sending me the final corrections today or tomorrow, and I will put them into the manuscript as fast as is humanly possible.

Ideally, I hope to submit to CreateSpace by Monday, and with luck the paperback version will be out by next Friday.

Writing this book was fairly easy, but getting through the final stages has taken much longer than I anticipated.  I'm excited to get this project off my list and into the hands of readers (and reviewers.  If you'd be interested in reviewing the book, please drop me an email at tspears62@gmail.com)