New Covers, Free Giveaways

Just ran my second "FREE" giveaway on Amazon -- part of the "Amazon select" program.  LEVERAGE was the featured book, and I used three of my available five "Free" days.

Last time I did this (DELIVERABLES in June), I ran the promotion for five days straight and noticed quite a fall-off in activity during the last few days.  This time, I decided to try for two splashes by staggering the give-aways.

The DELIVERABLES promo produced 340 free books given away over five days -- a total of 68 ebooks a day.  While it was nice, hardly inspirational.

The LEVERAGE promotion produced 1,248 free books given away over three days -- 416 ebooks per day!  That's six times more per day than in the original promo.

Since the promo ended (two days), LEVERAGE has climbed to about 25,000th in the Amazon sales list (I know that doesn't sound very high, but it had been sitting around 500,000th.) and has had 8 Amazon Prime borrows -- that would have been more than a month's worth prior to running the Promo.

I think I'll call this one a success.  Next up is a free promotion for NAVIGATING CORPORATE POLITICS.  I doubt it will have the same level of interest as my fictional works, but maybe it will catch on among my Linkedin contacts.  We'll see.  That promo runs the 17th and 18th of September.

In other news, the new cover is here for NCP, and I love it.  I'll show them here in sequence (old, then new), and you can compare for yourself.

No question about which of these is more eye-catching!