Design Blues

Has it really been three weeks since I posted an update to this blog?  Surprises me completely.

A lot has happened over the last three weeks.

I was able to get Navigating Corporate Politics, my "how to" book for budding corporate professionals and managers, published -- albeit, with an improvised cover.  You can find information on ordering the book on this page:  Navigating Corporate Politics.  An improved cover will eventually be in the offing, but I didn't want to hold up production of the book any longer.

The theory behind this particular book is to use it as a feeder to get business types interested in my writing, and hopefully draw them into my novels.  It will be interesting to see how that theory plays out over time.

I've also been working on the design for "Supply Chain."  This novel is a bit different in it's genesis, at least compared to my other fiction.  The other books were inspired by a core plot idea -- a murder of a coworker, an auditor threatening local management, an employe duped by a man posing as a CIA agent.  The stories grew like a weed out of that kernal, and eventually filled out an entire novel.

"Supply Chain" started as a theme -- I wanted to write a novel about how corporations might be indirectly support human trafficking.  It began with zero plot.  So to develop the story, I've read account after account of trafficking victims, as well as researched how those who oppose trafficking do their work.  Eventually, drawing a thriller story out of that research has happened, but it was definitely slower and hard work than beginning with the plot idea -- something for me to consider when designing future novels.

As things stand currently, I'm a few days away from wrapping up the design work on "Supply Chain" and am considering what to work on next.  My preference would be to do one last editing pass on "Heir Apparent"and then pass it along to my editor, Eric Dalen.  But that relies on an outside reader finishing up the book, and offering her comments first.  Without that in hand, I'm not sure what I'll pursue next....