Off to Proofing

I sent "Navigating Corporate Politics" off to the proof readers today, and am hoping to have it published by the end of the summer.

I'll have to decide what to do for a cover soon.  I hate paying to have one developed, but I'm not sure I can put something adequate together with the Cover Designer tool on CreateSpace.

The book is a text on Corporate Politics and presents a theoretical framework as well as techniques and examples for how to survive and thrive in large corporations.  The book was an outgrowth of a white paper and series of blog posts on the subject.

The book is quite short -- coming in at 135 pages and 27,000 words.  This is about 1/3 the size of my novels, but is in keeping with my expectations for a business book, which should be mostly meat, and light on the repetition and rehashing.

My plan is to get this published quickly, getting it out in the next two months.  I need to investigate pricing, but my inclination is to price it low due to the lack of weight.  That might not be wise for a business book, however, and bears further investigation.

I will definitely try this book in the Kindle Select Program, much as I did with Deliverables, taking full advantage of the opportunity to promote it for free.

So now, off to figure out a strategy for the cover.