Free Deliverables Promotion

In an effort to keep exploring marketing options, I enrolled Deliverables, my latest novel, in the Kindle Select Program.  For those of you unfamiliar with the program, with Kindle Select you agree to market the electronic version of your novel exclusively on Amazon for ninety days.  It becomes a borrowable book for Amazon Prime members, and every borrow gives you a share of a monthly amount as budgeted by Amazon.  It also gives you an opportunity to promote the book for free for (5) days during the 90 day period.

This was an experiment -- one which I was interested in for several reasons.  1.) I had just released Incentivize a few weeks earlier, and didn't particularly want Deliverables competing for attention in the minds of my friends.  I could stick Deliverables without promotional efforts in the Kindle Select program, and just see what happened.  2.)  Amazon is my biggest source of sales, anyway.  Second is CreateSpace and various outlets for the paper copies of the books.  B&N is a distant third, and all other electronic outlets put together are barely selling one copy a month -- in other words, it wasn't a big risk.  3.) I was interested in the idea of running a FREE promotion, just to see what it would do.

My five free days started the 15th of June, and ended the 19th.  I gave away 271 copies of Deliverables, which is more than I've sold of Leverage over the last nine months.  This should give me an opportunity to reach some new readers, and hopefully turn them on to my other books.

Early results suggest that it's already working -- sales of Leverage and Incentivize are about double in the second half of June compared to the first half.

Now I'm considering pulling Leverage and enrolling it in Kindle Select for three months, just to see what happens...