Another Day, Another Project

Plenty has happened since my last post on this board.  On the publishing side, "Deliverables" was published on KDP, making it an Amazon exclusive (at least in ebook form) until the end of June.  Admittedly, this is an experiment -- an attempt to reach the audience of "free" borrowers subscribing to Amazon Prime.  So far, the results have been underwhelming.  I also published "Incentivize" on both Amazon and B&N.  I've been recruiting reviewers, and have a long sign-up list, but very few actualy reviews posted at this time.  I'm hoping to get twenty reviews by May 15th -- a long way to go.

On the writing side, results have been more encouraging.  I finished the second draft of "Empowered", and currently have it percolating in the back of my head.  I was pretty enthusiastic with how the story came out, and love the setting -- Indianapolis during a winter blizzard.  I also defined a new novel -- "Synergy" -- I owe a thanks to my brother Andy for the title.  The story was inspired by an embezzlement-suicide story I read in the news, and features an extended chase through several parts of Brazil.  I'm looking forward to writing it.

Currently, I'm working on the first draft of "Pursuing Other Opportunities," a novel that includes the return of characters Mark Carson aka. Matt Lively, from my first novel.  The story is set in a remote portion of British Columbia where I went white water rafting a few years ago, and focuses on the kidnapping of a corporate executive.  I've written about 10% of the draft, and it seems to be shaping up quite nicely.

I'm still struggling with the plot for "Supply-Chain," a second novel set in Ethiopia -- one focusing on modern slavery.  I can't quite make the story I want to tell work.  As a result, it has been delayed in the schedule several times.  I'm considering a fall trip to Ethiopia, which I hope might provide some inspiration.