Writing Inspiration

With the proposal development of PURSUING OTHER OPPORTUNITIES, I currently have more or less a dry well when it comes to additional story ideas.

The only dribs and drabs out there are SUPPLY CHAIN, and idea I tried to develop once before, but found it to be less than inspiring (although I do have an idea which will improve the story, and revive a character from INCENTIVIZE -- Disco Martin -- that I enjoyed).  The other story is really just my reaction to a newspaper article involving a trade association and embezzlement and the disappearance of the President of that organization.  This latter idea is just a kernel of a plot, one that needs to be more fully developed.

Beyond that, I find myself, perhaps for the first time since I began writing, without a killer idea to take forward.

So I have my ears open, and am searching for some strange or unusual corporate behavior that could become the basis of a new Corporate Thriller.  Personal stories are welcome!