Juggling Projects

So how many writing projects can an author have in process all at the same time?

I haven't found my personal limit yet, although I can see that the snail's pace of progress will probably be the limiting factor.

Right now I have DELIVERABLES in final edits with Eric Dalen.  HEIR APPARENT and NAVIGATING CORPORATE POLITICS are out for friends to read and comment on.  I'm doing the first draft read-through of EMPOWERED right now.  And I just finished up design on PURSUING OTHER OPPORTUNITIES and am anxious to start the first draft.  And then there's LESSONS LEARNED THE HARD WAY, which I feel a strong need to get back to sometime in the not too distant future.

Sometimes people ask em if I get the stories mixed up.  Or how I could possibly keep track of all these plot threads.

It's actually a very good question -- if you asked me right now about a particular character in one of the books not currently in active review, I might have trouble even coming up with the name!   But once I'm deeply into the writing, I can pick up or put down any of these active projects without a hitch.

The only issue is, as I've noted above, the slow rate of progress.  If I focused solely on one project, I could knock out a first draft in a month.  But that rarely is happening these days.