Publish it and they will come -- not so far.

Leverage is now on Amazon, on B&N, and available through Smashwords (and thus Kobo, Diesel, Apple, and Sony) and in paperback form from CreateSpace.  My real and virtual distribution channels are loaded with inventory.

So where are the readers, the book lovers, the buyers?

When I was in business, we used to joke about "field of dreams marketing".  It was the belief that if you really did build that better mousetrap, the world really would beat a path to your door.  In the tangible products business, it didn't work.

In the world of publishing, it doesn't work either.  Doesn't work squared.

In the pre-electronic media period, choices were limited.  If you managed to win the lottery and end up on bookshelves at bookstores or other outlets, you had a reasonable chance of being noticed.  Of being purchased.  After all, a bookstore only has so much shelf space.

But even then, it was difficult.  You could have a great product, and languish.  You could have a book lots of people would love, but never be noticed.

Now, with electronic media, the number of choices has exploded.  Getting noticed, getting a chance, building a readership -- it's harder.  And now, in this brave new world, you have to do most of the work yourself.  Even if you are traditionally published.

I've got a great product (at least that's what readers have told me), a good cover, good description, and the availability is there.  Now how do I get some attention (short of robbing a bank, of course)?

Trying what I can think of, and hoping for the best.



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