Published, after a fashion

I was shocked to see it has been nearly a month since the last update to this journal.  Well, a lot has happened in a month.

School started, which helped to normalize my writing schedule.  In the greater regularity, I made considerable progress -- finishing the editing on INCENTIVIZE, and completing about a third of EMPOWERED's first draft.  That was the progress on the hardcore writing activities.

But I'm even happier to report that my first novel, LEVERAGE, is now available for purchase.  The paperback version can be obtained from CreateSpace at this address:, or if you have an eReader, you can purchase from Smashwords at:

The savvy reader will realize that these are self-published resources.  Yes, LEVERAGE is self-published now.  I've still got an agent, and he is still looking for a traditional publishing deal.

But I was getting far too many requests from people to read the book to accommodate via photo-copied manuscripts.  And my printer ink has its limits too.

For now, I'm staying off the big distributor sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I don't want damage LEVERAGE's chances of getting a traditional publishing deal by launching it on Amazon and having a limp response.  So IF I decide to release LEVERAGE there, it will be with a well planned launch somewhere down the road a bit.

So I'm pretty excited about the progress, although it isn't necessarily along the lines I would have originally preferred.

If you're curious about the novel, check out the LEVERAGE page here on my website.