I've been making considerable progress on INCENTIVIZE over the last thirty days.  I now have a new cover image (shown below):

I finally broke down and hired a graphic artist to develop this image for me, as I just wasn't happy with anything that I could come up with on my own.

The downside is that INCENTIVIZE will have roughly twice the break-even volume of sales as LEVERAGE between editing services, cover design, proof copies, and the like.  We will have to see if this was a wise decision or not somewhere down the line.

DELIVERABLES is also nearly finished.  I would like to have a professional editor take a look at that novel as well, but hopefully it won't require quite as much work as either of the first two novels did.

Currently I am working on the first draft of EMPOWERED, but it is progressing slowly.  Now that I have other projects (like marketing the published work) competing with the new draft, I just can't get one done in thirty days.  I'm approaching the half-way point on this new novel, and I do have a first draft of HEIR APPARENT to work on next.

While doing the work on all these other things, I've reconsidered the plot-line on SUPPLY-CHAIN.  This novel is in the design phase currently.  I believe I will use the Disco Martin character as the protagonist here, as he is kind of "left over" at the end of INCENTIVIZE, and I like him.  I believe that will make the story more interesting and less predictable.  Martin is a very capable guy, but will be dealing with life in the private sector after a career in the Navy SEALs.

All in all, lots to work on!