How to botch a book cover

I happened upon an article published on CreateSpace (in their current newsletter, actually), which described the six rules for designing a book cover.  I was intrigued, and after reading the article, decided to measure my cover design for the proof copy of LEVERAGE.  Let's see how I did...

  1. Make the subject matter clear -- let's see, LEVERAGE is a corporate thriller, and I used a stock picture of a running track for the photo.  And I used the wrong fonts as well.  FAIL.
  2. Communicate one big idea -- Yes, I think I did that, though that idea might be "here is a book about track".  PASS.
  3. Emphasize who the book is targeted toward -- I think the back-cover description, and the subtitle of "A Corporate Thriller" help here.  PASS - barely.
  4. Entice the browser to click/look -- I wouldn't pick it up if I found it on the shelf myself.  tragic FAIL.
  5. Convince the potential reader the book will enhance their life -- only by entertaining them, and I don't think I do that well with the cover design/photo.  FAIL.
  6. Sell the book -- Okay, this one is a throw away.  If you did the other things, then this would work.  If not, then the cover won't help sell the novel.  NO GRADE.

In summary, I failed 3 out of 5, and one of the passes was borderline.

Sounds like I need a new cover design, and another proof copy!