Editing, Editing, Editing...

I've read other authors who stated (and I'm paraphrasing here) "writing is editing".

As I've previously confessed -- I love the creative process, particularly banging out a first draft.  But editing...well, not so much.  I recognize it as essential to having a quality piece of work, but I find it...tedious.

So right now I find myself in the midst of a sea of editing --

INCENTIVIZE is with my editor Eric Dalen, who is doing amazing work improving anovel I was already calling "finished".

DELIVERABLES is in the third draft, and needs a lot of work on the second half.  And the document is clearly already too long at 104,000 words.  It will only get longer as I fill out the second half, and major cuts are needed.  I see another review with an outside editor in my future.

HEIR APPARENT needs its first editing pass.  I really enjoyed creating the first draft of this story, but am almost afraid of what I will find when I do the read-through.

LESSONS LEARNED THE HARD WAY is with a friend whom I hope is at least fact checking it.  I still have no idea what I'm doing with this manuscript.

And yet I have the basic outline for yet another novel, which I am dying to complete a first draft on.  I'll continue to hold onto it as a reward for completing all the editing work standing before me.  Hopefully I'll find the motivation to plow through it and move on to something new and exciting.