Back to the Salt Mines

After several exhausting days two weeks ago, last week was a return to normality.

As a result, I made nice progress on my current project "Outsourced."  This book is the third and final installment in the Carson/Lively/Eichmann trilogy and is set in the People's Republic of China.  This book is shaping up less like a "Corporate Thriller" and more like just a straight adventure/thriller novel.  Of course, the book features the two protagonists from my first novel, "Leverage," who were also featured in one of my more recent releases -- "Pursuing Other Opportunities."

Also on the writing front, I have everything I need to put together another draft of "Synergy" a novel that I thought was nearing completion, but after talks with Heather, my editor, needs another round of work.  I'm looking forward to diving back into that project with a few ideas I think will further charge the story line.