Resting on my Laurels

After six weeks of hard work, I finished the first draft of Supply Chain today.

This novel revolves around a character from my second novel, Incentivize, named John Carson (JC) "Disco" Martin.  In Incentivize, Martin is the CPO of a Navy SEAL squad that raids a Somali warlord's compound, facilitating the escape of main character Julia McCoy.

In Supply Chain, JC Martin is retired from the military and hard at work in the purchasing department of a "socially responsible" clothing company named Dam Yankee Fashions.  Sent to audit a supplier in Honduras, Martin discovers the supplier utilizing child labor to allow it to price below Asian competitors.  This discovery takes Martin on a wild adventure through Honduras, Mexico and Texas, as he follows the "Supply Chain" of trafficked children.

My intention with this novel was to spin an eye-opening adventure that puts a spotlight on the global problem of trafficked children, and how the actions of corporations -- knowing, and unknowing -- end up supporting the problems.

While most of my novels require significant editing after completing a first draft (this one being no exception), I felt good that the theme was completely intact and the plot line was fast paced.  I look forward to taking the next steps on this project.