When Other Priorities Arise

One thing I love about writing is the flexibility it affords me in my daily life.  If I have time available, it's a simple thing to sit down at the computer and edit a scene, write a few paragraphs, or work on promoting one of my books.  On the other hand, if other priorities arise, my writing projects can sit for a time.

Right now is one of those times.

In addition to the typical holiday bustle, I've got two major events impinging on my writing time.

In early November, Paula and I adopted our fourth child from Ethiopia -- our seventh child overall.  Those first  few weeks with a newly adopted child,  particularly one that is a little older (Lisle is 5,) can be be a bit tumultuous.  Any child being adopted has experienced a tragic life, and often they exhibit scars from their experiences.  Lisle is adapting to his new family -- in a strange country where he doesn't speak the language -- as well as could be expected.  Amazingly well, in many ways.

But that only happens with the commitment of plenty of love and time.

And if that wasn't enough, things have heated up on the entrepreneurial side of my life, as well.  The small company I partially own in Nebraska is in the process of acquiring another small company in Michigan.  While the transaction is fairly straightforward, there are still a million things that need to be completed before the closing (set for December 31st).  Because of my experience with acquisitions, a good chunk of the due diligence work is mine to handle.

So while I'm anxious to dig into the editor's notes on SYNERGY, and then move onto the second draft of OUTSOURCED, these tasks may have to wait a while.