Long Plane Flights

As I am still only half-way done with RIGHT SIZED, I'm really looking forward to my upcoming plane flights to Ethiopia and back -- they should give me plenty of time to devote to advancing the first draft of the book.

RIGHT SIZED is a bit of an experiment for me.  Starting with a confrontation between boss and employee, the story then traces the arc of both of their lives.  Both take surprising twists that lead them back to another encounter near the end of the book.

The story is flowing fine, I've just been so busy recently that I can't seem to get into a regular writing rhythm.  That probably means the first round of edits will be horrible.

Upon my return from the trip, I'll be instituting my revised Corporate Politics Blog schedule (classic blog post on Mondays, new blog post on Wednesdays), which will hopefully provide me with a few more hours each week to work on novels.