Upcoming Blog Changes

I currently write three blog posts a week, two (on Monday and Wednesday) for "Corporate Politics -- The Blog" and one here (Fridays, normally).  Unless I'm on vacation, then I have been skipping the posts.  I recently built an Index for posts on Corporate Politics, and was surprised to find there were almost 250 of them.

250 posts is a lot.  As I went back through the list, I noticed there was a bit of redundancy to them.  You see, the inspiration for more than half of these came from a book written by a friend of many years, John Samuels.  John published a book called "Lessons Learned the Hard Way" (you should probably buy a copy if you enjoy my Corporate Politics blog) earlier this year, and I was lucky enough to be a part of the editing process.  He kindly allowed me to put my own twist on his "lessons" providing me with a road map for blogging for almost two years.

That road is just about to come to an end.

On Monday, I posted the book's "Lessons...."  I have a few Lessons I missed over the last two years (5 to be precise), but once those are finished, I will have to move on to other subject matter.

Finding fresh business perspectives to comment on is hard work -- particularly if you're trying to avoid lots of redundancy.

In the midst of this lack of inspiration, I'm finding some of my oldest posts are the most popular -- specifically ones related to "Behaviors bosses hate in their subordinates" and "Boss types that drive subordinates crazy."

So here is my plan starting with the final "Lessons..." posts (in approximately 3 weeks):  I will switch my Monday posts to a "Classic" format.  I'll start by reintroducing each of the posts in the above two series.  Of course, they'll get a facelift and a re-edit.  In some cases, I'll add content  to further flesh out the ideas.  These posts will be identified as "Classics" in the description lines.

Wednesday posts will continue to be entirely new content.

The Friday Writing Journal posts at this point will not change (until I start to run out of ideas for them, too!)