Daily Goals

I confess, I'm a goal junkie.

I set daily goals for almost everything I'm working on, particularly writing.  And once they're set, I have a tough time backing down, or modifying them (other than to further raise them).  If I fail to get there, it makes me feel bad.  Guilty.  Useless.

I know such self-imposed rigor might be considered a bit weird.  It all started back in College with a very disciplined study regime that help my grades considerably, and then it carried over into my work life.  I've been setting daily goals of some sort for a good thirty years, and while it sometimes seems like a road leading to nowhere, I almost can't imagine life without the process.  Even when I intentionally try to drop it, after a short time I find it right back in my routine.

For example, right now I've arbitrarily decided that I need to write a chapter a day on the first draft of "Supply Side," my latest novel.  Why a chapter a day?  It's a nice, round amount -- approximately ten pages, or 2,500 words.

I could pick another, smaller amount.  I could take a day off, but when I know a busy day is coming, I find myself trying to "make up for it" by writing more on the less busy days, thus maintaining my daily quota.

And while I greatly enjoy hitting the goals, I must admit it sometimes makes what is generally enjoyable into a bit of a chore.

It also leaves me wondering if I'm typical (or "normal"), or is there something odd going on here???