Audiobook, Part 3

My audiobook version of novel LEVERAGE was just released this week through Cherry Hill Publishing.  I began this particular project a number of months ago, after the release of the audiobook version of INCENTIVIZE.  I finished up recording back in May, but it took until last week for Cherry Hill to get it released.

While it is gratifying to get another version of my novel "out there," I'm hoping for an uptick in sales over INCENTIVIZE.  After two quarters, my royalty for that audiobook has totaled less than $10. 

Yes, you read that right. 

The publisher is urging me to round up reviews for Audible, which I will begin trying to do some time this week.  His claim is the books are not being recognized because there are not enough reviews for them to hit people's screens when they search. 

I've been down this road before with the ebook and print editions.  Recruiting reviewers is hard work, and I'm somewhat loath to put in the time.  But the results without reviews are pretty clear thus far -- underwhelming. 

If anyone who reads this journal has any suggestions on promoting audiobooks, I'm all ears.  Unless the curve changes, or I run out of ideas to write new stories (unlikely!), I doubt I'll do another.