Help! I Need More Logo Advice.

In my last post, I presented my "writing logo" which is intended to be a part of my overall efforts to brand my work.  The basic idea was to create an image that had a "thriller" image, and also pulled in the "Corporate" theme in my novels.  The proposed logo did just that by utilizing the first letter of my last name, and two knives to make a macro "dollar sign" symbol.  At the end of that post, I asked what people thought.

I received one response here on the website, and several more via Twitter, Facebook, and Email.  As a result, I produced a number of variations on the basic theme of the original logo, and would like more feedback.

Most of the original notes praised the overall concept, and then offered recommendations on how to make it better.  These ranged from a more "sinister" looking font, a "fill" that made the "S" pop a bit more, to some repositioning on the knives.  One person suggested that perhaps the "S" should snake around the knives, which I thought was a cool idea, but after a couple frustrating hours I determined that I couldn't make that happen (although I'm sure it would be simple for someone with more graphic design skill than your's truly).

I adopted the knife repositioning advice in all the samples below (except the original design, which you can probably spot based on this comment).  There are ten different fonts, I would love to hear what your #1 and/or #2 favorites are.  Below that, I've presented five "fills" for the font.  If you think your favorite font would be enhanced by any of the "fills," please note it.  Clearly, some fills work better with specific fonts, but you'll just have to use your imagination, as I wasn't willing to produce samples of all the possible permutations.

Please comment, email, or otherwise let me know what you think!

Logo options pg1 cropped.png
Logo options pg2 cropped.png
Logo options pg3 cropped.png