Podcast Interview

I gave my first podcast interview yesterday to John Byk at 2012Writers Alive earlier this week.  We talked a bit about HEIR APPARENT, my latest novel, which was released on 3/2/2013, its linkage to DELIVERABLES, and some about the main character in both novels -- Joel Smith.

You can listen to the interview by clicking on the link above.

Given all the practice I've recently had in speaking and moderating my voice for recordings (Audiobook of INCENTIVIZE being the biggest source of this, although I am currently in the process of producing an Audiobook of LEVERAGE), I found the interview to be easy and enjoyable.

I also covered some details about the inspiration of HEIR APPARENT, which readers might find interesting.

In other writing news, DELIVERABLES failed to make it into the third round of the ABNA contest -- alas, a disappointment.  Next year I'll be trying again with HEIR APPARENT, which I think is a bit more traditional as a thriller, and also written a tiny bit better.  Hope springs eternal!

Also, at the end of February, NAVIGATING CORPORATE POLITICS became the first of my books to pass breakeven.  Of course, I think some of the reason for this is that its costs were substantially lower than the novels, all of whom utilized a professional editor.  There may be a lesson in there somewhere -- when you drive the capital investment up in a book, the breakeven sales volume goes up as well.  Perhaps the quality improvement is not enough to offset the higher breakeven?  Perhaps I could get 90% of the editing quality through other resources?  Definitely an idea worthy of consideration as I continue to develop EMPOWERED, which should be the next novel to be published.