Latest and Greatest

Lots happening on the writing front --

My audiobook of INCENTIVIZE is available.  I listened to about half of it in my car, and while tolerating my own recorded voice was a little challenging at first, I was quite happy with the way the book came out.

I finished an editing pass on PURSUING OTHER OPPORTUNITIES, the sequel to LEVERAGE.  While I think the book will require one more pass, it is pretty close to ready to go.  I'm hoping to put this book into overdrive, and have it released sometime this year.

HEIR APPARENT is with my copyeditors, and one has already responded.  The cover is ready to go, so as soon as I get the second editors comments, incorporate them, and then format the document in the various forms needed for ebook distribution, it will ready to publish.  I estimate 2-4 weeks at this point.

NAVIGATING CORPORATE POLITICS is now making money.  I've been keeping extensive records on costs and sales for each title, and this title is the first one to break even.  I think there are several reasons for this.  Because I didn't use a paid outside editor on this book, development costs were low.  The number of titles competing in the "Corporate Politics" space is fairly low, so if you're interested in the subject, my book has less competition.  The cover price is lower than my fiction (the work is shorter), which may attract more buyers.  Overall, this title is my second most popular (LEVERAGE being the most popular), and is currently selling more per month than any of my other titles.

Going forward, I next want to design a new novel that will be a sequel to PURSUING OTHER OPPORTUNITIES, the third and final book in a Carson/Chin trilogy.  I also have another book, SYNERGY, outlined, and I want to do a first draft.  And there there's EMPOWERED, which is in second draft right now, and in a couple of months could be caught up to the same level of completeness as POO.

The only question is -- which project next?

Ah, so little time, and so many options...