Does it pay to advertise your book? -- Part 3

A new campaign.

I took the first six days of May as my benchmark sales run rate, and started a new campaign with a new set of ads.  This campaign is a bit different:

There are three ads, each with it's own landing page.

Ad number one uses "Thriller" key words, and lands on a specially designed page on my website.

Ad number two uses "Suspense" keywords, and lands on Smashwords with a 40% off coupon.

Ad number three uses "Mystery" keywords, and lands on the Amazon Deliverables page.  There is a "free" offer for the book for Amazon Prime members.

I also priced the ads at $0.30 max price.  That will be much more economical than the last campaign.

I'll post an update later when the campaign has made more progress.