This one isn't so good

Maybe I'm improving my eye for quality work, or maybe the work product on DELIVERABLES isn't up to the standard of my other novels.  For whatever reason, after completing the initial readthrough of draft 2 this week, I'm finding quite a few more faults with this novel than I initially did with either LEVARAGE or INCENTIVIZE.

The biggest flaw seems to be uneven pacing.  The novel is written in first person, from the perspective of two different characters (a bit of an experiment).  When reading one of the characters, the plot seems to plod along -- and unfortunately, the character followed in the first half of the novel.  When reading the other character, the story seems hurried.  I've got some major rebalancing to do during the third draft.

This novel is the one I completed during the National Novel Writing Month project -- for those who are unfamiliar, the idea is to do the first draft work for an entire novel during the thirty days of November.  That means writing between three and four thousand words a day -- not a trivial exercise.  The need for speed might be the reason the novel now seems so uneven.

I am, however, still happy with the plot line, and feel when finally whipped into shape, it should make for an entertaining novel.