I thought I was finished...

Back in December I wrote the third (and what I hoped would be final) draft of INCENTIVIZE.  Unfortunately, my agent pointed out a number of issues in just the first couple of chapters, so it looks like I've got yet another round of edits ahead of me on the novel.

So I've again engaged the editor who worked with me on LEVERAGE, Eric Dalen, to help me make improvements to INCENTIVIZE.  Eric just published a book on Amazon called THE FEAR OF THE DARK, which you can buy yourself by using this handy link I've provided.

As I await Eric's expert editing advice, I'll be starting to do my own editing pass on DELIVERABLES -- the third on that novel.  I just finished up work on LESSONS -- second draft last night, and it's time for it to have some reviews by people who were there and saw what I experienced.  Since LESSONS relies heavily on my own memories, I want to make sure it is as accurate as possible.  I'm still not sure LESSONS will ever be seen in print (and certainly, the undisguised version never will be), but I've enjoyed working on the project tremendously.

One thing I struggled with in LESSONS during this draft is when to say no.  The book is 107,000 words (not counting the lessons summary and the organization charts), and I keep thinking of other experiences that could be added as chapters of the book.  I've got three in mind right now, two of which are comical, and one of which is rather tragic -- I'd like to include them, but, really -- another fifteen thousand words??