Plenty of distractions have prevented me from making much progress on either of my current writing projects.

LESSONS LEARNED THE HARD WAY -- I need to print a copy of this book prior to getting started  with editing work.  I planned to do that Monday, but forgot to bring the memory stick with me.  Duh.  This work was completed over an extended period of time, and the Chapters are semi stand-alone.  I'm anticipating a lot of editing work to get the manuscript into a consistent voice and to whack out unnecessary background and description.  And there is a disguise element also -- I'll have a huge number of faux names to invent and insert in the story.  All in all, a lot of work.

EMPOWERED -- I don't really have a good excuse for my lack of progress on this project.  I'm stuck in the stage with the first set of character descriptions, a task I don't enjoy as much.  I have been thinking about the plot, and already have a couple of twists I think will be fun for readers, but I need to get other "around the house" distractions out of the way so I can knuckle down and get deeper into the design.

Ah, spring and all it's home ownership priorities.