Rate of Production Continues to Slide

I've been distracted recently.  A lot.

As a result, progress on my writing projects has slowed.  As of today, I'm still working on revisions to LESSONS LEARNED THE HARD WAY, and still finishing up design work on EMPOWERED.

There are two forces at work here, ones that are slowing my progress simultaneously.

1.  I'm having a tough time getting excited about either current project.  LESSONS is non-fiction, and exercises my imagination much less than my fictional work.  After this second draft, it may be a long time before I can gather enough enthusiasm to take it to a third (and final?) draft.

2.  I'm still stuck in character development for EMPOWERED.  While I recognize the step as necessary, I still find it tedious.  I've finished the profiles on the seven main characters, but haven't touched the secondary characters yet, and while a full profile isn't necessary for the secondary characters, I still am procrastinating.

The last factor is environmental -- its getting warmer outside, spring work around the house abounds (paint, put the boat in the lake, landscaping, the list goes on and on).  When the motivation on the above items is weak, it's easy to let the distractions eat up one's time.