Another First Draft Crosses the Finish Line

Today I finished the first draft of Heir Apparent, my fourth novel, and the second one featuring Joel Smith, retired CIA field operative, as the hero.  Everytime I finish a new draft, I have a huge sense of accomplishment, and this time is no different.

I do sometimes have doubts about the quality of the work after weeks in the drafting process.  There are a number of defects and issues I already know will need to be address with this work.  And I'm sure a detailed read-through will reveal even more.  Many more.

But that situation is not at all unusual.  I started this particular draft on January 6th, and even discounting the nine days I was away in Ethiopia, that still means I spent 70 days piecing this relatively complex story together.

So I'm going to do what I usually do, and give Heir Apparent a rest for a minimum of a month while I move on to some other projects.  I feel confident that after a few weeks worth of fermentation, it will read fairly well, and the editing task will seem less daunting.