Was that the Positive Reinforcement I was Looking for?

Originally published 8/23/10

Received my first offer of representation from a literary agent today for LEVERAGE. Got to admit, it felt pretty good.

Having read a few things in blogland about agent agreements, there will be some added work in this -- it sounds like most agents will request some revisions to the manuscript. I hope they aren't extensive, however, as I could end up with three projects all progressing simultaneously if they are! I'm bracing myself.

On a separate note, I posted part of the first draft of INCENTIVIZE on my blog this week. I'll get the rest of it out there over the next few days. It takes extra time, as I can't just copy and paste from Word -- needs some formatting. Rules for INCENTIVIZE are the same as for LEVERAGE -- if you want to read it, send me an email requesting access, and I'll give you permission, but be warned: INCENTIVIZE is in first draft only, and there are a number of plot errors that will need to be corrected in the next draft (not to mention loads of spelling, grammatical and other errors).

Now I'm just beginning to design a new novel -- DELIVERABLES (tentative title). More on that later, as it takes shape.

I'm just short of six months into my Sabbatical, and the writing direction is taking off. It will take off even more if I can get LEVERAGE published.

But I'm also going to have an opportunity to try my hand at management consulting. I've got a trip planned for early September. Hopefully I will get a taste of the consulting world as well, and be able to measure the pluses and minuses of each.