Starting a new project, finishing an old one

Originally published 4/28/10

Today is a blogging day, even though I wrote yesterday as well. I'm excited because I'm starting a new writing project, and the initial design work is flowing particularly nicely right now.

The new novel will draw on my travel experience in Africa, our family's interest in orphaned children and adoption, and a little illegal trade and corporate cover-up to add some spice. There are a number of accessible, on-line writer support sites, that I can post the draft to while I'm working on it (once I get the design done -- at least a month from now). I think I'll use one of those and post a link here in my blog for any interested critics.

The old project finishing up is the house expansion. Last summer, we purchased the lot just to the south of our house, and decided to put a three car garage and two additional bedrooms over there. The construction is now complete, and we are finally moving stuff over to the new structure. Among other items, Kenneth is going to move his room to the new building, so that we can put the twins in his old room. That gets them out of Emily's room, so she isn't sharing when she is home from school. It will also allow me to empty the storage unit we are currently renting, as nearly all of the furniture stored there will be needed in one of the bedrooms now. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel -- just lots of toting and carrying at this stage.

I'm seeing endings and beginnings everywhere I look!