New Material

Originally posted 1/6/11

After a couple of weeks of hard work, I finished up the proposal for my latest fiction project "Heir Apparent - a novel".

A short synopsis of the high level concept follows:

When two prominent CEOs in the Kansas City area are killed, George Crawford, the leader of Sangreen Industries is scared.  He hires ex-CIA agent Joel Smith to help insure his security. But Smith finds little to go on as the murderer successfully kills yet another local CEO, leaving Crawford as the most likely next victim. Smith investigates a seemingly vast number of personal enemies, alienated business partners, and disgruntled employees, systematically narrowing the search for the killer to three associates of murdered Epic Graphics CEO, Stephen Arndt. As Smith closes in on the killer, he inadvertently tips his hand, becoming a target himself. When the two men come face to face, survival comes down to physical strength and the love and loyalty of a woman.

I also opened up a new blog site listing the first draft of my non-fiction work "Lessons Learned the Hard Way".

Either of these documents can be accessed through my Blog by clicking on the "Great Links" section on the right hand margin of this blog. If you want to read any of the novels or "Lessons Learned the Hard Way", you will need permission, which can be easily obtained by sending me an email at and requesting it.